Design to Production Workshop: DCA Conference


i.M.A.D.E conducted a workshop entitled “The Design to Production Feedback Loop” at  the Design Communication Association 2007 Conference. Click here for the event website.

Workshop participants met in the dFAB facility (i.M.A.D.E’s production laboratory) to engage with paramteric models in GenerativeComponents software and digital fabrication equipment–specifically laser cutters and a 3d printer.  The workshop was framed around complexity of information generated in process-based digital practices and the need to effectively manage and exchange information.

Innovative representational devices and fabrication techniques were introduced such as matricing, sectioning, layering, bracketing, nesting, scanning, printing, and other new forms of organizing, visualizing, analyzing, and simulating complex design data. Applying these techniques, workshop participants (including conference registratns and design students) designed, optimized, and fabricated prototypes which were seen as process-based products resulting from a design to production feedback loop.




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