Workshop Series: Mark Cabrinha


Mark Cabrinha, an i.M.A.D.E Research Fellow and Phd candidate at Rennsalear Polytehnic University, conducted two workshops at Ball State.  Cabrinha focused on a “materials first” approach–the primary goal was to look at how materials can take shape prior to cutting shape from material.  Digital fabrication was introduced as a necessity to extend / expand these material tactics and, more significantly, to form larger design strategies enabled by digital tools (including scripting and parametric design).  Cabrinha gave brief lectures/presentations on his Phd research, introducing the historical precedent of the spline in the 18th Century from which Pierre Bezier and others abstracted into NURBS.  The workshops stressed the study of a material sensibility which could then be applied/tested/implemented as production strategies for interior fit-outs.

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