Manufacturing Material Effects Symposium


i.M.A.D.E hosted an international symposium entitled “Manufacturing Material Effects: Rethinking Design and Making in Architecture” at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Architecture as a material practice implies that making, the close engagement of the material, is intrinsic to a design process. Material effects, such as pattern, texture, relief, or varying properties, become the means through which building surfaces manifest the design intent, often at different scales. As surfaces become more complex in their form, shape, composition, and appearance, the manufacturing of material effects becomes a locus of design and production efforts.
Today, however, making is increasingly being mediated – it is the CNC machines and not the hands of the maker that mostly shape the materials and their properties. Innovative new techniques based on digital technologies are redefining the relationship between design and fabrication, enabling a closer interrogation of materials from the earliest stages of design, encoding in the process new ways of thinking of and making architecture.
i.M.A.D.E assembled leading thinkers, designers, and manufacturers from around the world to closely examine collaborative design and production practices based on innovative and experimental processes of material exploration. The symposium framed the various levels of engagement of new forms of architectural production that bring designers deeper into the complexities of making, assembly, and material formulation.

MMFX Symposium website

Frank Barkow, Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Germany
Donald Bates, LAB Architecture Studio, Melbourne, Australia/London, UK
Phillip G. Bernstein, Autodesk & Yale University, New Haven, USA
Mick Eekhout, Octacube, Delft, Netherlands
David Erdman, servo, Los Angeles, USA
Jeanne Gang, Gang Design Studio, Chicago, USA
Mark Goulthorpe, MIT & dECOi, Cambridge, USA
Fabio Gramazio/Matthias Kohler, Gramazio/Kohler & ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
David J. Lewis, LTL Architects, New York, USA
Marta Male-Alemany/Jose Pedro Sousa, ReD, Barcelona, Spain
Achim Menges, Ocean North & Architectural Association, London, UK
Fabian Scheurer, Design to Production & ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Chris Sharples, SHoP, New York, USA
Shohei Shigematsu, OMA*AMO, New York, USA
Marc Simmons, Front Inc., New York, USA
Makai Smith, Bentley Systems, Exton, USA
Brett Steele, Architectural Association, London, UK
Ruben Suare, 3form, Salt Lake City, USA
William Zahner, Zahner Architectural Metals, Kansas City, USA

CHAIRS: Kevin Klinger and Branko Kolarevic, Ball State University

VENUE: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Autodesk Inc.
Bentley Systems Inc.
McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group

College of Architecture & Planning, Ball State University
Department of Architecture, Ball State University
Center for Media Design, Ball State University
Indianapolis Museum of Art



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