Expanded Topographies


As part of the semester-long seminar course “Parametric Constructions”, students explored various parametric design methods and digital fabrication techniques through a series of full scale constructs produced in groups of two or three students while working in a collaborative effort with local industry partners. Expanded Topographies looked at using developed surface sections to create scoring patterns from which materials, specifically plastics, could be expanded. Utilizing a combination of scripts in Rhino, laser cutting, and ‘misusing’ a vacuum former heating element, a variety of self-similar patterns emerge. The visual properties are derived from the alignment of scoring patterns between two independent objects. Reacting to constraints of design, material, and making, the developed methodology engages a variety of scales, transparencies, and patterns. This system emphasizes zero waste since no material is removed during any part of the fabrication process. This project was displayed at MMFX as the center pieces for the final dinner.

Expanded Topographies Team:
Sam Alcorn, Dustin Headley

Kevin Klinger, Branko Kolarevic



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