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Thanks to the Center for Media Design at Ball State for their generous support of the MMFX symposium.

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  1. ratko maltar says:

    Dear friend,

    I am inventor who filed US patent and am looking for correct entities to go ahead. Invention is quite new artistic medium created out of the environmental materials. Idea is to supply aid blocks to be used by individual creators, used in creation, art, therapy. Other derived teachings of basic invention may be used in numerous other areas as imaging/animation, broadcast when basic building blocks – “elements” AKA “rainbeams” when the very reprogrammed imagery encapsulated within the distinguished 2D shape

    I am forwarding more data so you can have more inside. One link is my own profile on “Linkedin” explaining nature and derivations of the invention. It explains how I think the most benefits in social sense may be extracted of basic and derived things. Another link is to related animation contained within the “My Blog” in profile.

    Can you help in any way? Document, forward to entities/segments of the application/market which are in recycling, graphics, education, therapy as well in imagery, software, animation, broadcast. My second level has been achieved by transforming 2D image into 3D so to create HI-FI imagery which are to create image panels containing real 3D as those on the walls.

    Additional info may be provided mainly relating to mentioned imagery as well animation..


    Ratko Maltar

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