Intermedia Artist Timeline Armature


Designed and programmed by Jesse Allison, a research fellow for the Institute for Digital Intermedia Art, this reactive kiosk contains a motion-based interactive timeline of intermedia artists controlled by tracking viewers’ hand gestures. The gestures were captured and interpreted with cameras, mirrors, a projector, a Mac mini, and other optical equipment. The work includes a short bio, image and description of works from 30 intermedia artists of the 1960s to the present and was displayed in conjunction with the BSU Museum of Art’s Engaging Technology Exhibit. i.M.A.D.E students collaborated with Allison on the design, fabrication, and assembly of a the equipment-housing armature made from laser cut acrylic and snapped together to form a rigid, yet transparent interface for visitor interaction.

Students: Dustin Headley, Andrew Glass
Partner: IDIA



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