Ball State University “speedwaystudio” designs addition scheme for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

INNOVATE :: In celebration of the centennial of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Ball State University graduate students in architecture accepted the challenge of exploring new ways of revealing the innovation, story, and heart of the Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As a part of the College of Architecture and Planning’s Master of Architecture degree program, a six-week architecture design studio project included proposing a hypothetical renovation and expansion of the existing Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum. The intentions were to spark a discussion about how architecture can align with the legacy of innovation inspired by the Speedway and display the incomparable collection of the Hall of Fame Museum.  To conclude the project, the students presented their team-based design scheme at IMS and presented the museum with a scaled model mounted in a digital designed and fabricated kiosk.

REVEAL :: The exterior of the designed addition celebrates the fabrication methodologies seen throughout the history of the automotive industry as the interior begins to reveal all aspects of racing history and innovation. The building, collection, and narrative of the brickyard’s incredible impact on our Hoosier heritage is gradually revealed as the visitor approaches and circulates through the space. Upon entering the museum, visitors are guided through two paths of exhibits in which cars are positioned, manipulated, and exploded to display an intimate level of detail. The goal of this new exhibit space is to provide a more in-depth experience taking you, the visitor, from the stands to the driver’s seat.

SPECIAL THANKS :: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, particularly Ellen Bireley, Terry Gunter, and Mel Harder.

STUDENT TEAM :: Jared Burt, Majdi Felah, Matt Flamm, Eric Gerding, Mo Han, Madeline LaPlante, Adam Miller, Kevin McCurdy

FACULTY :: Kevin Klinger and Mahesh Senagala

EXTERNAL CRITICS :: Kevin Frank and Alexi Karavokiris [RTKL Associates, Chicago]; Matty Bennett and Bendan Fox [SEQUENCES DESIGN, Indianapolis]; Donna Sink [MWHarris, Indianapolis]; Harold Baker [Harold Baker Architects, Brazil, IN]; Torrey Dawley [Sandpaper Studio, Indianapolis]; David Russick [Indianapolis Museum of Art]

Indianapolis Star Article: here.


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