Discovery Grant: Indiana Limestone Research

i.M.A.D.E was recently awarded a Discovery Foundation Grant for continuing research on integrating digital technologies with the Indiana Limestone industry. Our proposal, entitled  “Smart Stone”, will apply emerging digital design technologies to increase efficiencies and minimize waste in the manufacturing of limestone building components. We aim to address a very old, but persistent problem in the design and manufacturing disciplines: how to turn waste into value. This problem and the solution we intend to develop have economic and ecological implications for the Indiana Limestone industry, as well as other industries, locally and nationally.

This research will test the further integration of digital information and fabrication equipment within the limestone industry’s production processes and culminate with a proof-of-concept system for re-using stone off-cuts/leftovers. Our sincere thanks to the Discovery Foundation for funding this opportunity to immerse students and faculty in important and timely research and development with our industry partners.

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