Streams Studio + Seminar

Rivers have a potent relationship to a place. This seminar and studio deployed digital technology to ask serious questions about our contemporary understandings o four environment in light of technological advances. The seminar draws from the White River as a meandering line of inquiry, which in turn facilitates multiple tributaries of learning. Layers of history, industry, ecology, and cultural significance particular to Indiana nas been revealed along the way. We spent a lot of our time in, on, above, and around the White River. Students tapped into their creative sources to formulate responses to this rich and diverse stream.

A series of data-driven fabrications were installed at strategic locations along the White River to frame multiple layers of meaning. This seminar provided students the opportunity to creatively participate in outlining a trajectory of potential manufacturing advances for the built environment brought on by digital technology. We are entering a new era in design-related disciplines. In addition to deploying digital technology for conception and representation of design ideas, it is now possible to feed data directly into the fabrication process in order to realize a rich and rigorous built work that is relevant to our times. Digital manufacturing, data management, visualization and simulation software were all used in this intensive seminar to facilitate this process.

Streams of knowledge from multiple sources were encouraged by embracing technology and collaboration. Through these methods, the seminar fostered a depth of student understanding of the river and its relations, while introducing students to the inherent interdisciplinary necessity surfacing from creative use of digital tools in a critical exploration from observation, conception, analysis, and fabrication. A process-based approach encouraged exploration through an expanding feedback loop between the environment and technology. Students with a critically trained digital acumen and diverse sources of creative energies are well prepared to lead the industry into promising new channels. The fundamental question raised during our time on the White River: Can digital technology develop in symbiosis with nature?

Streams Studio Team:
Robert Beach, Austin Durbin, Melissa Funkey, Jori Garcia, Robert Horner, Anne Jeffs Cupp, Katie Marinaro, Christopher Peli, Josh Reitz, Chelsea Wait

Kevin Klinger
Director, Institute for Digital Fabrication
Associate Professor of Architecture

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