Laminate Topologies


Laminate Topologies started as a project in Branko Kolarevic’s Contemporary Praxis seminar which examined the translation of complex 3d objects into a series of laminated panels.  The resulting constructs–derived from a 3d digital model–generate visual patterns which change according to the viewer’s vantage point.  Using the fabrication strategy of contouring, this research evolved into ways of visually manipulating light and transparency by altering critical parameters of depth, spacing, and angle.  The system has been encoded as a procedural script which can be plugged into Rhino.  This system is currently being applied to a series of luminaire prototypes which have the potential to be spun into a commercial venture.  i.M.A.D.E has provided support for this research with funding and access to equipment in the dFAB Facility.  Supplemental funding has also been provided by the Center for Media Design and the Central Indiana Corporation Partnership.

Students: Dustin Headley

Faculty: Branko Kolarevic, Kevin Klinger, Joshua Vermillion



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