Displaced Resonance

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i.M.A.D.E collaborated with John Fillwalk, IDIA Director, and Associate Professor of Art, on the design, details, and fabrication of speaker driver boxes/bases, aluminum frames, mounts and cases for concealing lighting fixtures.Consisting of sixteen distinct sculptural forms, Displaced Resonance uses varied length tubing to filter sounds from base-mounted speakers according to particular resonant frequencies. A camera-based computer system tracks the movement of spectators within the installation and responds by controlling and changing the distribution of sound to the tubes and associated LED lighting. Sounds played through the tubes consist of field recordings gathered in Japan. The title of the installation refers to removal of the sounds from their original physical and cultural contexts, and the imposition of new physical and cultural resonance.

Much more information and full credits at the IDIA website: http://idiarts.org/projects/20

Consulting Team:
Eric Brockmeyer
Dustin Headley

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