Arcus Animus




Arcus Animus is a recent incarnation from a long lineage of mesh and actuator installations at Waterloo Architecture and Philip Beesley Architect Inc. from 2006-09. The custom air muscles and code cores were originally developed by Christian Joakim in 2007. A revised kinetic mesh and air-muscle system (which was the basis for this meshwork) was developed with the Pratt Epithelium Studio in 2008. This meshwork was redesigned at Waterloo Architecture and Philip Beesley Architect Inc. for Ball State in January 2009, with code redevelopment by Brad Rothenberg of Pratt Institute. The Ball State workshop entailed fabrication, assembly, and installation, along with further mesh and actuator details and code refinements throughout February 2009.Arcus Animus is a kinetic mesh system designed by Waterloo Architecture/Philip Beesley Architect Inc., in collaboration with Ball State’s Inconvenient Studio/i.M.A.D.E (Senagala/Vermilion) and Pratt Institute Epithelium Studio (Beesley/Sarrach/Wang). Fabricated and installed in four days, the hanging, layered meshwork composed of impact-resistant acrylic, bamboo, and mylar components reacts to human occupation interpreted by arrayed proximity sensors. These physical reactions consist of “shaking” and “waving” movements actuated pneumatically using solenoid valves and custom air muscles, and controlled by Arduino microcontollers with processing-based code development.

Ball State Installlation/Development Workshop:
Philip Beesley, University of Waterloo/PBAi
Brad Rothenberg, Pratt Institute
Mahesh Senegala, Ball State
Josh Vermillion, Ball State

Ball State Team:
Deepak Baniya
Elizabeth Boone
Eric Brockmeyer
Adam Buente
Luke Christen
Brad Horn
Brandon Hoopingarner
Paul Konwinski
Yevgen Monakhov
Brianna Newton
Daisy Winkler

Pratt Institute:
Richard Sarrach
Evan Douglis

Waterloo Architecture/PBAi Design Team:
Rob Gorbet, Engineering Director
Hayley Isaacs
Manuel Kretzer
Yoshi Washi
Jane Wong
Eric Bury
Jon Gammell
Christian Joakim
Kirsten Robinson


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