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i.M.A.D.E encourages design students to focus on the creation of unique prototypes based on material interrogations and market viability. Students are actively developing business plans and exploring commercial outlets for design prototypes based on emphasizing the production of ready-made, yet customizable products. Indiana has a long tradition of producing hardwood veneer from regionally harvested trees. Made of Indiana Hardwood veneer, “Luminaires” is one such pilot project with potential for commercial spin-out, as the project highlights some of the more subtle properties of hardwood. The thinness of veneer allows wood to bend, twist, and glow—revealing latent and innate qualities of thinly sliced wood. These qualities are exploited in projects that reveal the “light/lighter” qualities of this typically “heavy” material.

Described by a fully-parametric digital model, the shape and proportions of the “Luminaire” can be easily customized, with precision laser-cut veneer components. These components are coated in polyacrylic and assembled by hand using notching and slip joints. The detailing of the slip joints was inherent in the design development, such that no hardware is necessary, and anyone can assemble the final form. Once linked to a web interface, the product of the design can be uniquely customized by consumers and shipped flat-packed.

Student Designer:
Eric Brockmeyer

Various Student Production Teams:
Jared Burt (IHLA Showroom)
Dustin Headley (IHLA Showroom)
Eric Laine (IHLA Showroom)
Mark VanderAkker (IHLA Showroom)
Ben Greenberg (Spot on Schools Exhibition)
Greg Hittler (Spot on Schools Exhibition)
Austin Lucari (Spot on Schools Exhibition)

David R. Webb Company
Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association


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