Petal Project 5

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The petal-form seating, when nested together (which was the formation during the CNC manufacturing process), create a closely packed petalscape for intimate conversation. Otherwose, the seating can be spatially distributed to create a landscape of discrete pieces. Each petalform seat is embedded with its own solar panel that powers an LED light strand. The strands emit a subtle glow, but when the petals are nested together, the collective petalscape produces a more intense luminosity.Petal Project 5 was developed for DesCours 2008, an AIA New Orleans sponsored event, by TZCO (Thaddeus Zarse and Clare Olsen). Anticipating New Orleans’ courtyards—hidden pockets of green within the French Quarter—Petal Project 5 was developed based on a desire to assimilate with an existing courtyard through a subtle insertion to achieve our two programmatic goals, which were seating and lighting.

i.M.A.D.E consulted with TZCO on the CNC fabrication of the foam forms for Petal Project 5’s seating. Each petal-form seat was sectioned and CNC milled by i.M.A.D.E students in advance of the site assembly and installation work.

Petal Project 5 now has a website to visit for photographs of the petal-form seating installed:

It was great working with TZCO and we look forward to future collaborations or consulting with them.

Consulting Team:
Dustin Headley
Joshua Vermillion

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